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05/18/20 06:03:39 AM UTC

Race : Hong-Kong to Vietnam
Started : 2019/10/16 03:00:06

Boat Type / Polar : TRANSPAC52

crank : 5 minutes

Finish line closing condition : 150 %


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WP022.234114.267   Start 
WP122.189114.30622.219114.335 ↻ ⊅ClassementWaglan Island
WP222.046114.31921.500115.000 ClassementDangan Dao
WP317.317111.28318.388110.048 ClassementParacel Islands
WP412.243109.22812.268109.213 FinishNha Trang Bay

No Sail Zones

Seg# 117.317111.28317.317113
Seg# 217.31711315.583113
Seg# 315.58311315.583110.95
Seg# 415.583110.9517.317111.283