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06/12/20 05:33:05 AM UTC

Race : TDF 01: Dunkerque - Dieppe
Started : 2020/07/05 18:00:06

Boat Type / Polar : A35

crank : 5 minutes

Finish line closing condition : 150 %


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WP051.0612.359   Start 
WP151.1692.60251.1522.659 ClassementCard W Nieuwpoortbank
WP251.1942.46551.3802.437 ClassementLat Bd BT Ratel
WP351.1492.24651.3072.078 ClassementCard N DY1
WP450.9821.75251.1411.482 ClassementCard W Calais
WP550.9471.68551.0681.422 ClassementCard N Quenocs
WP649.9421.07149.9421.000 FinishDieppe